Need an Orange County Tax Lawyer This is What You Should be Looking For

Whether you’re in trouble with the IRS or trying to avoid trouble, you need the help of a good tax attorney. However, in Orange County, the tax lawyer list is a long one. There are so many to choose from, and, unfortunately, not all of them are good.

So, how do you find the right tax lawyer in Los Angeles? Be on the lookout for:

1. An extensive background

Any good Orange County tax lawyer will be happy to share his credentials with you – whether they’re printed right on his website or he goes over them with you during a one-on-one meeting or phone conversation.

But what makes for good credentials?

Look for the obvious things that a good tax attorney should have – like a law degree from a good school, and even a Bachelor’s degree in something relevant to the tax industry (like business, for example). Also, be sure to look for “extras” that prove your lawyer knows his stuff.

For example, having a CPA license is something that the average Orange County tax lawyer doesn’t have, but it’s something that gives him some added expertise – which can really help your case!

2. A specific specialty

Since there are so many different areas of law, it’s impossible for anyone to be an expert on all of them! So, if you find an Orange County tax lawyer who also says he can handle your car accident case, your real estate contract, or your recent DUI arrest, you’re dealing with the wrong guy. He’s the legal version of a Jack-of-all-trades – and he probably isn’t very good at any of them!

Here’s the bottom line – if you need a tax attorney, look for a lawyer who specializes only in taxes. A good tax lawyer in Los Angeles knows not to put too much on his plate.

The only exception to this is if your potential tax attorney also specializes in probate law. Since taxes play such a big role in probate cases, many tax lawyers are also good probate lawyers. But if they profess to be anything more than tax and probate lawyers, run!

3. A number of different offices

A good tax lawyer in Los Angeles will likely have several different offices. While this isn’t a requirement to finding a good tax attorney, it’s a nice “extra” to see. After all, if he can afford to run several different offices, he must be doing something right!

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