Need a Maid Service in Los Angeles? 4 Things to Look For

With all of your daily responsibilities – including spending time sitting in Los Angeles traffic – no one can blame you for not having the time or the energy to give your home a thorough cleaning. That’s why professional house cleaning in California is so popular!

But before you hire a professional maid service, make sure they can do these 4 things:

1.A visit beforehand

Lots of companies that specialize in house cleaning in California will be happy to give you an estimate over the phone. However, that doesn’t really help you. Until your Los Angeles cleaning service actually comes to your house to see how big it is and what kind of condition it is in, they can’t give you a very good estimate!

That’s why a good maid service in Los Angeles will do a complete walkthrough before they talk specific prices with you. In fact, a good maid service in Los Angeles will even give you a written estimate before they leave, so that you won’t get told one thing and charged another!

2.Service 7 days a week

In Los Angeles, cleaning services are in high demand. But, even the best cleaning in Beverly Hills, Wilshire, or downtown has to be done on your schedule. If, for example, you work late – and, thus sleep late – you can’t have a maid service vacuuming while you’re trying to sleep.
The good companies that handle house cleaning in California understand that everyone has their own particular schedule. That’s why they’ll work with you to come up with a cleaning schedule that works for you – no matter what day it is.

3.Background checks

When you hire a Los Angeles cleaning service, you have to let people into your home and allow them to dig through things. After all, that’s the only way you’re going to get a thorough cleaning! However, it’s also a great chance for thieves to steal from you. Unless your potential maid service gives all of its employees thorough background checks, you’re running a risk letting them into your home.

Whether you’re getting a cleaning in Beverly Hills or East LA, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

4.English-speaking workers

Southern California is a melting pot of sorts, with people who speak a variety of different languages. However, a good Los Angeles cleaning service will make sure that all of its employees speak English. After all, a language barrier between you and your maid service can make things tricky. You don’t want special instructions to get lost in translation!

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