4 Things to Ask Your Potential Maids in Los Angeles

There may be a lot of them to choose from, but if you hire any ol’ maids in Los Angeles, you may not get the experience you were hoping for. Instead, make sure you pick the best team by getting the answers to these 4 questions first:

1. “How far are you willing to travel?”

A good maid service understands that Los Angeles is a big place — and they’ll be able to handle every inch of it. After all, if you find a great cleaning service in Glendale, you want to make sure that they’ll be able to make time for your house cleaning in Santa Monica.

If you’re stuck searching for a maid service that calls your specific zip code home, it’s may take you a long time to find one. Plus, by having maids in Los Angeles that are willing to work all over the area, you can hire them to do all kinds of things — like clean your office across town or take over the cleaning duties at your mother-in-law’s house on the other side of the freeway.

2. “Do you need to come over before you give me a price quote?”

The correct answer to this question is “yes”! Think about it — if you need a house cleaning in Santa Monica, how can a maid service possibly know how much to charge you if they don’t see what kind of condition your home is in?

Unfortunately, some maids in Los Angeles only give you a price quote over the phone — which leaves you open to being overcharged or winding up with an expensive surprise later!

3. “How picky are you about hiring new employees?”

Remember, when you hire maids in Los Angeles to clean your home or office, you’re basically telling them to dig around through all of your stuff. As a result, you can’t have anyone with “sticky fingers” coming in to do the work.

A good cleaning service in Glendale understands just how important this is, which is why they’ll go to all kinds of lengths to hire the very best people. If your potential maids in Los Angeles don’t bother with things like background checks and thorough hiring procedures, you may be putting your stuff at risk by hiring them!

4. “When are you available to work?”

The best maids in Los Angeles will be able to work around your schedule — not the other way around. If your potential maid service won’t let you book an appointment seven days a week, you can do better!

The team at A Maid Zing has all of the right answers! Call them today, and see what they can do for you.

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