More than Skiing in Breckenridge Colorado

For most adventure seekers, wintertime in Breckenridge, Colorado means skiing or snowboarding on one of the four amazing peaks at Breckenridge Ski Resort. At 9,600 feet, this world famous resort is often ranked as one of the best 10 ski resorts in North America with more than 2,358 acres of terrain to explore for beginners and professionals alike. With such a reputation for fun in the snow, it’s no wonder why so many people book their vacation rentals in Breckenridge, Colorado at least one year in advance.

But Breckenridge, Colorado offers visitors more than just skiing and snowboarding — this popular mountain community offers guests plenty of other winter adventures, ranging from ice skating to fly fishing. After you’ve booked your Colorado condo rentals, you will want to plan out your activities to ensure a fun-filled vacation.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular winter activities available in Breckenridge.

Ice Skating: Breckenridge, CO offers visitors both indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks. If you want to take lessons or watch an adult hockey league game, you will want to visit the Stephen C. West Ice Arena, located at 0189 Boreas Pass Road. Conveniently located near Breckenridge vacation rentals, this extensive facility provides guests with two NHL-sized ice rinks. The outdoor area is open from mid-September through mid-April, ideal for your wintertime trip to Breckenridge.

Watch an event or spend an afternoon skating with friends and family.

Sleigh Rides: While you might have heard of dog sledding rides in Breckenridge, CO, this mountain community also provides visitors with fun sleigh rides powered by draft horses. Sleigh rides are ideal for couples, families and groups and range from romantic trips for two to large dinner rides with food and entertainment.

Fly fishing: Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean you can’t fish in Breckenridge. With some of the best fishing waters in North America, the Blue Ribbon waters are home to plenty of healthy fish, including Rainbow Trout, fat Browns and Cutthroat. You can easily spend a day fly fishing in the area; most spots are near Breckenridge condo rentals.

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