Make the best out of the IRS offshore voluntary disclosure program

Many people will not be aware that they are eligible for the IRS offshore voluntary disclosure program since many are under the impression that this is applicable to people who have millions of dollars in offshore accounts.

For those who are not conversant with this, it is a program where if a person has over $10,000 in offshore accounts they are given the opportunity to disclose such accounts which were earlier not disclosed and be exempted from paying the heavy penalties levied on you in the event the IRS discovered such accounts before you voluntarily disclosed them under this program.

So if you have offshore accounts you should immediately seek professional advice from a tax lawyer and a tax attorney in San Francisco who has experience handling offshore voluntary disclosure cases earlier will be the best to advice you since this is not an area many lawyers will be too familiar with. At, the experienced tax lawyers have handled many cases relating to the voluntary disclosure program.

People may think that they can go undetected and decide not to make use of this opportunity to come clean. But this will be a big mistake. Since introducing this program the IRS has hired more investigators to uncover perpetrators with undisclosed accounts in foreign countries and if you are detected before you make the voluntary disclosure you will be imposed with heavy penalties and could face the risk of criminal prosecution for evasion of taxes which could result in jail term if found guilty.

Entering the IRS offshore voluntary disclosure program itself can be complicated since one needs to get clearance from the IRS to participate and this involves giving out personal information and once cleared you need to file all the documentation relating to all the accounts. In order to get the process right it is best to have a tax lawyer involved from the beginning of the process to ensure that you are successful at making use of the amnesty offered to you.

Get the best advice from the professionals at and make use of their services from their several offices located in California including finding a tax attorney in San Francisco who can help you with other tax related matters including the services of an IRS audit attorney to help with the IRS tax audit.

This chance to disclose your assets and have peace of mind can be withdrawn at any time; therefore consult with a tax lawyer and get the process started as fast as possible.

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