Is your San Jose tax attorney a good one, how can you find out?

When dealing with the IRS the last thing you need is to have an inexperienced tax lawyer from Los Angeles mess up your case. You hire one to make things better not to end up with a nightmare. So how can you tell if a tax lawyer is a good one?
Does he practice tax law exclusively?

An attorney who is serious about his tax law will only practice tax law and will not be involved in handling land matters and insurance cases. This shows that he is specializing in this field and has a lot of experience in tax matters. But a good tax attorney in Los Angeles could handle will and probate matters since they involve a lot of tax matters. At they have a group of dedicated tax attorneys who can assist you with all your tax needs.
Does he have the right credentials?
A good tax lawyer from Los Angeles should preferably have master’s degree in taxation law. He will be even more competent if he has an accounting qualification as well.

Does he have good negotiating skills?

Find out from others who have hired the services of the San Jose tax attorney whether he has the negotiating skills and the contacts in the IRS to enter in to a settlement on your behalf. A skilled attorney will be able to get the penalties reduced or depending on the circumstances have the case completely cleared for you.

This skill is very important in the event you have received a tax audit notice. This can be very intimidating as well as stressful and the biggest mistake made by many people is to represent themselves at the audit. This is not a good idea. A good IRS audit attorney will represent you and use his experience and knowledge to safeguard your rights and resolve the issues as efficiently and successfully as possible.

Is he knowledgeable?

At your first consultation, did your prospective IRS audit attorney have to go through a lot of books to answer your questions? If he did he probably does not have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle a complex matter with the IRS.

Is he successful?

The meaning of successful can be subjective, but generally if the San Jose tax attorney has a well-established office with offices at several locations with several tax lawyers and employees working for him, it means he is doing his job right to be able to afford to maintain such a professional service where each client will be given priority and their matters attended to promptly.

So if you are looking for a good tax attorney in Los Angeles, you are sure to get the best service by that has several offices throughout California.

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