Industrial Diesel Generators — 2 Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect One

Buying industrial diesel generators isn’t as easy as you think. These 2 tips will make the buying process simpler.

You don’t like to think about the worst happening, but you have to be prepared if it does. That’s why you have to take these 2 tips to heart and buy yourself the best industrial diesel generator you can find:

1. Size matters
As you might expect, the size of the generator you buy is going to have a major impact on the amount of money you spend. So, the last thing you want to do is spend more than you have to! That’s why you need to understand exactly which size is right for you.
Consider yourself to be the Goldilocks of the generator world; you need something that’s “just right”!
If you’re looking for something that only needs to power a small building (like a home or a very small commercial facility), you may not need to look any further than a selection of 20kw diesel generators. Or, if you’ve got a mid-sized facility, you might discover that it’s cheaper to buy two 20kw diesel generators, instead of one 40kw generator.
However, if you’ve got a bigger facility, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and look at 80kw diesel generators. In fact, if your facility is very large — and you’re going to need to keep all of it up and running during a power outage — you may need to opt for several 80kw diesel generators. The thought of it may make your wallet cringe now, but you’ll be thanking your lucky stars later!

2. Brands matter
Just like you wouldn’t buy a no-name car and count on it to get you across the country, you shouldn’t count on a no-name diesel generator to keep your business up and running if the power goes out. After all, what if it doesn’t work? Then, you’re out the money you spent on the generator AND all of the profits you’re losing because of the outage!
Instead, do yourself a favor and only look for big-name brands. For example, you can count on Volvo to make great cars, and you can count on Volvo generators to be top-notch, too. In fact, just like their car counterparts, Volvo generators are always coming out with new advancements — like special high-efficiency models that use less diesel.
But there’s another great brand that you may not know about — SDMO generators. These generators have been around for decades, and they’re one of the most popular brands in the world. As an added benefit, SDMO generators are available in both standby and portable varieties, so they can tackle any need you have!

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