How to Recycle Samsung Electronic Devices

Whether it is a Samsung battery or an outdated Smartphone, the average American has a host of used or broken electronic devices lying around the home.

This is because upgrading to the latest electronic device usually means getting rid of the old products. However, instead of disposing the old products through the trash, it is important to recycle electronic materials to help reduce pollution.

Recycling electronics is a crucial eco-friendly practice; recycled electronic can be reused to make new devices, reducing the pollution caused by making new electronic items. The re-use of electronic materials (such as a Samsung cable) also limits the need to mine for the metals in electronics. If you have a few used electronic devices lying the around the home, consider the following ideas for recycling to reduce pollution and help the environment.

Drop items at a Samsung Recycling Center: According to Samsung, there are more than 1,000 drop-off locations throughout the U.S. that accept Samsung products for free.

Whether you have an old DLP TV lamp, such as the bp96-01403a, or a Smartphone, these drop-off spots will accept your used electronic device for no fee. Through the recycling centers, used electronics are not thrown in the trash, sent to landfills or sold to developing countries.

Recycle toner cartridges through S.T.A.R.: Toner cartridges can seriously damage the environment, which is why Samsung developed the S.T.A.R. (Samsung Takeback and Recycling) program, a way for you to send back your empty Samsung toner cartridges through the mail. So, now you know what to do with your old Samsung waste toner container or toner cartridges. Send it in through the mail.

Purchase recycled items: In addition to recycling electronics, you can also help the environment by purchasing recycled electronics. Samsung offers consumers a large selection of electronic items such as cell phones and hardware made from post-consumer materials.

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