How to Find the Best Detox Program for Substance Abuse

One of the main treatments for drug or alcohol addiction is detoxification, or withdrawal therapy. The purpose of detoxification is to cleanse the body of the harmful substance as safely and effectively as possible. It’s important to remember, however, that withdrawal therapy for drug or alcohol abuse is a medical procedure and must be administered and supervised by qualified doctors.

If you’re seeking a detoxification program for yourself or a loved one, congratulations; you’re off to a great start. You’re taking the first step to recovery and it takes a lot of courage to be in your shoes. Whether you’re searching for a San Diego detox program or a detox program in Los Angeles, here’s how to find the best detoxification program for substance abuse in your area.

Find a drug rehabilitation center tailored to your needs. Not every rehabilitation center provides detox services for every type of drug. For example, if you’re using cocaine, find a rehab center that offers safe detoxification from cocaine. If you’re addicted to alcohol, search for rehab in San Diego or Los Angeles that provides an alcohol detoxification program. The same applies for prescription medications, crystal meth, heroin, morphine, and other drugs.

Research the doctors and staff members at the facility. As mentioned above, drug or alcohol withdrawal therapy is a medical process. In fact, suddenly or improperly stopping drug or alcohol use can cause a variety of symptoms. This is why it’s vital to find a rehab center with qualified doctors and staff.
For example, Malibu Horizon is run by founder and CEO Dr. Mohammad, an addiction specialist and board certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. At his facility, each and every detox treatment is run by a consulting physician. These successful programs are designed to not only cleanse the body of the substance, but also treat the withdrawal symptoms.

Explore the facility and the surrounding environment. Most detox programs last three to 10 days, which means you will be spending a lot of time at the facility. You might even have to stay longer, depending on treatment programs after the detox. For these reasons, find a Los Angeles or San Diego rehab center with comfortable, and, if possible scenic, facilities. For example, a center with ocean views or surrounded by a lush forest can be extremely positive for the healing process. Of course, it’s also important to check the facility for cleanliness as well as amenities that make it feel more like home. To learn more, please visit

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