How to Find a Great Tax Attorney in Los Angeles

Need a tax attorney in Los Angeles? Just follow these tips!

Searching for a tax lawyer to deal with the IRS is one of the most important things you’ll do — and in Los Angeles, there is no shortage to choose from.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad tax lawyers here to choose from, too.
So, if you need a great tax attorney in Los Angeles, just follow these 3 tips:

1. Ask around
Even if you don’t run with a tax-related crowd, you probably know people who do. For example, the owner of that restaurant you love probably has a great tax attorney in Los Angeles. Or, your friend who just got audited probably had a good tax lawyer negotiate with the IRS.
Recommendations alone won’t be good enough to make a selection. However, they can help you narrow down the selection.

2. Take a close look at websites
Once you have a few potentials in mind, take a look at their websites. A good tax attorney in Los Angeles won’t just have one; he’ll have a great one!
What should you be looking for?
First, start with his credentials. In addition to graduation from a top-notch law school, your tax lawyer should have a lot of experience dealing with the IRS. He should have some insight as to the IRS’ inner-workings. That way, he’ll have a leg-up when it comes time to negotiate on your behalf.
Also, look for an “advice” section. Many good tax lawyers will offer articles or blog posts where they share their expertise. That way, you can see if they really know their stuff. As a result, you’ll know if they can “walk the walk” in addition to “talking the talk”!

3. Schedule a free consultation
If everything else looks legitimate, sit down with your potential tax attorney in Los Angeles for a free consultation. There, you’ll be able to see if the two of you “mesh”. After all, if you can’t work together, your case will never succeed!
The free consultation will also give you a chance to see how your potential lawyer handles all of his other responsibilities. After all, a good tax lawyer in Los Angeles probably has offices all over the state — meaning he’s probably also a San Francisco tax lawyer. If, during the consultation, he’s constantly dealing with problems in the San Francisco office, it gives you a glimpse as to the kind of attention you’d get as a client. You need a Los Angeles tax lawyer — not a San Francisco tax lawyer pretending to work in Orange County! So, pay close attention!

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