How to Figure Out Which Samsung Accessory You Need

Hate it when you can’t get the big game to show up on your TV or when your printer won’t spit out that all-important report for tomorrow’s business meeting? Sure, it’s easy to yell at the machine, but chances are, the problem can be solved very easily – just by having an extra Samsung accessory or two on hand.

So, how do you know which Samsung accessory you need? Follow these tips:

1. If your big business proposal is full of smears, look at your Samsung waste toner container

If you’ve never paid attention to your waste toner container before, you’re not alone. However, these things play a huge role in how your printer does – and doesn’t – operate!

When you go to print something, some of the ink gets wasted. No matter what kind of printer you use, you’re always going to wind up with ink that doesn’t make it onto the paper. A good Samsung waste toner container takes the excess ink and prevents it from spilling onto your piece of paper.

However, when your Samsung waste toner container needs to be replaced, it can’t do its job. As a result, all of that excess ink winds up making a gooey, unprofessional-looking mess.

2. If your son’s book report is covered in streaks, check your Samsung toner cartridge

Wouldn’t it be nice if ink cartridges never ran out? Unfortunately, though, they do. And, they always seem to run out at the most inconvenient times – like when your son is trying to print out his book report, with the school bus honking outside.

If you’re pulling streaked or uneven pieces of paper out of your printer, you probably need a new Samsung toner cartridge. If yours still has plenty of ink in it, try going through your printer’s settings and cleaning the printer heads themselves.

3. If you can’t watch the big game, get a new Samsung HDMI cable

Not sure how we survived before HD? You’re not alone! However, all of those fancy, crystal clear pictures come with some fancy gadgets and cords that you need to keep an eye on.

If you’re getting ready to watch the big game and you can’t get anything to pop up on the screen, grab another Samsung HDMI cable. Chances are the cable you’ve got isn’t working – and, thus, can’t transmit your perfect signal from your cable box into your TV.

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