How to clean your swimming pool filter

If your pool cleaner is running very slow or staying at one place, it is telling you either something got stuck inside or it is time to clean your filter. Check the pressure indicator mounted on your filter to see whether it is indicating normal pressure or bit more than normal. This confirms it is time to clean your filter. If you have someone hired to maintain your pool, don’t worry they will take care of the cleaning of your filter. If not here are some points to consider based on my experience maintaining my pool for over 13 years. Make sure to acid wash swimming pool to run it efficiently.

The contractor who installed your filter should have left the maintenance manual. If you don’t have a manual, go online and check the manufacturers Web site. Almost all manufactures post clear directions giving details how to clean your filter and what parts to use, if you need to replace any. If you can’t find instruction call the manufacturer or better yet check with your pool supply store or pool supply Web site such as, they will be able to help you.

Carefully remove nuts and bolts that hold the upper chamber of your filter. You can remove the inner filter parts and clean separate pieces with your garden hose. Make sure to carefully remove each filter screen and to put it back together according to directions. You may need to replace certain automatic pool cleaner parts. Need to tighten screws that hold the chamber together and place it back inside the filter. Once you place the cleaned filter chamber, now you can start to put the upper cover back. Before you do that, oil the ring according to instructions.

Once the assembly is completed and before you run the filter there are few things for you to check. At this time your filter has no water inside. Directions that came with the filter will tell you how to put adequate amount of water before push the button. If you need to acid wash swimming pool, you can do that too. If you have a split level pool like mine where my spa sits above the pool, run the higher pool or spa first. It makes it easier for the motor to get adequate flow and without straining the system. Have adequate swimming pool supply with you.

One other thing before you pushes that button to start the filter again. Make sure to check and clean all leaves collection areas. Keep adequate amount of whatever additives you add to run the filter and its screens efficiently because you need to add that to the filter slowly while it is running. You can get all your swimming pool supply at

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