How to Choose Your Maritime Custom Foam Insert

Guest Post provided by The Foam Factory. The Foam Factory provides various kinds of foam for boat cushions. Visit their website today for more information.
Summary: Boating requires a special type of foam because of its wet environment. Dry fast foam helps keep mold, mildew and other microbial growth down for a safer and healthier environment.
The size and weight of the people who would most commonly be riding on a watercraft affect what kind of boat cushions should be ordered. This may change what kind of size, shape and density is necessary to make the individual most comfortable. Other considerations depend on what the boat will be used for. Boats used for recreational cruising will have different needs than boats used for housing purposes.
Standard foam is the most economical solution for boat seat cushions and beds. It is usually priced low to moderate and varies in density. However there is no standard way to kill off mold and mildew growth. If you own a boat, you know that water can spill up inside of a boat. This is a regular occurrence, if it only happened rarely, the type of cushion wouldn’t matter. But because it happens so often, you will notice that your cushions may start to smell and generally become unhealthy after a while. Using chemically treated high resilient foam as a seat back replacement will give your foam cushions a much longer life when compared to using conventional foam. Again, there is no standard way to treat these types of foam for high microbial growth in a moist environment.
Reticulated foam may be a more appropriate option for boating. Its chemical makeup is similar to that of high resilient foam, but has been treated to expand its cells. This procedure makes it waterproof and a perfect addition to a custom boating seat. Closed cell foam is another option for seats exposed regularly to water because it is so dense. You will find that closed cell foam inserts absorb much less water than open cell foam. However, closed cell foam is not particularly comfortable to sit on, and it feels like the same foam you would find in a life jacket. A navigation station would be an ideal place for closed cell foam.
Dry fast foam is all-around good foam to use for boats in general. It’s a type of outdoor foam that is reported to be extremely comfortable when compared to closed cell foam. Instead of repelling the water, it welcomes it. Its large open cells allow air to flow through the cushion and encourage the water to dry rapidly, even after complete saturation. The Dryfast foam formula is one of the only ones that utilize anti-microbial attributes. It suppresses microorganism growth, keeping your boating area healthier.

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