How to Buy the Right Excavator

There are many different types of excavators on the market today, from compact machines to crawlers. Here’s how to find the right excavator for the job.
An excavator is a large mechanical digger used to perform a variety of duties, ranging from moving large quantities of soil to lifting heavy objects. However, not all excavators are created equal. Manufacturers offer a large selection of excavators to choose from, ranging from compact machines to crawlers. Before you purchase an excavator, it’s important to determine the right type and size machine for the job at hand. Here’s a look at the main three categories of excavators:
Compact excavators: These smaller than average machines are designed to be used in close quarters. Purchase a compact excavator for tight job areas and you can fully rotate the machines without bumping into other objects. Although they are small, they don’t lack in performance. Compact excavators offer the same features and dependability as the larger models. Companies that make compact excavators include Berco, Volvo, John Deere, and Doosan. You can also find Berco undercarriage parts for compact machines.
Wheeled excavators: Also called medium-sized excavators, wheeled excavators are ideal for all types of work, from utility work to general construction. They are flexible and very durable. Most wheeled excavators can ride fast and smooth while easy on the environment. Manufacturers of wheeled excavators include Hyundai, Komatsu, and Doosan. You can also purchase Doosan excavator parts for wheeled excavators.
Crawler excavators: Designed to handle the biggest jobs, crawler excavators are ideal for mining, road building, and large construction jobs. The best crawler machines on the market offer a heavy-duty undercarriage and reliable arm. Makers of crawler excavators include John Deere, Komatsu, and Volvo. You can also purchase John Deere heavy equipment parts for your crawler.
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