How to Accept Credit Card Payments Online

Now is great time to launch an online business and accept credit cards for your products or services. According to Marketing Charts, ecommerce sales in the U.S. are predicted to grow 10 percent a year for the next four years, reaching $297 billion in 2015. The fact is consumers love shopping online because of many perks; it is time saving and more affordable. Shopping online also makes it easier for consumers to compare prices, avoid crowds and spend less on gas.

If you’re ready to launch an online business, you will need to provide your customers with a safe and easy way to purchase your items online via credit cards. Accepting credit card payments online is not only convenient for your customers, but also a smart move for your business. Online credit card payments will improve your cash flow and ultimately help grow your business. In fact, it is a great idea to require that your customers pay via credit card before you send off their products orders.

The first thing you will need to do in order to begin accepting credit card payments online is apply for a merchant account. You can apply for a merchant account through a bank, a credit card company or a merchant account service provider. However, applying for a merchant account is not simple. New businesses and business owners with poor credit are often rejected by credit card companies and banks. This is why many small businesses are turning to merchant account providers, an easier route toward securing an ecommerce merchant account and accepting credit cards online.

While you may be desperate to receive merchant status, don’t go with the first company you see. It is important to do your research thoroughly, compare prices and select the best company for your needs. This is because various companies charge very different rates to open and maintain a merchant account. Once you’ve selected your merchant account provider, you can begin the application process. Good luck!

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