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The Benefits of Obtaining Merchant Services for Your Business

Businesses of all kinds and sizes know that there are many benefits of obtaining merchant services for their venture. Supplying the option for customers to use a credit card is imperative for the success of most businesses today. Customers like the benefits of using their cards and are almost offended if you require cash only. […]

Debit Card Use Increases for In-Store and Online Payment Processing

It’s a startling truth that businesses need to be accepting credit cards in order to achieve success. With so many businesses moving or expanding their stores onto the net, online payment processing methods need to be established. More and more people are using their credit cards to make purchases, with debit cards achieving more popularity […]

The Durbin Amendment Defined for Holders of Internet Merchant Accounts

The Durbin Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act can be confusing to both holders of internet merchant accounts and consumers. Why such a negative reaction to its effects? Wasn’t it designed to protect merchant account holders and consumers from outlandish swipe fees? Unfortunately, the Durbin Amendment didn’t deliver as promised. Many feel the amendment to be […]

How the Durbin Amendment Affects Credit Card Merchant Services

In 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was created initially to lower swipe fees for business owners and holders of merchant accounts. It supposedly reduces the cost for merchants and consumers by cutting bank revenue. This revenue, normally gained by increasing swipe fees, was largely opposed to by banks for obvious […]

Stay Strong With Updated Merchant Services

Been considering wireless credit card processing? In business, every small detail matters because the competition’s tough-as-nails attitude cannot be underestimated. It’s important to keep all aspects of your company running at top speed, and having safe and accurate merchant services is a point to attend to with methodical care. Moreover, securing adequate merchant services will […]

How can your business begin to accept credit card payments?

If you are planning to start up a new business or have an existing business and want to accept credit card payments, the first step is to open a merchant account with a <strong>merchant’s service provider</strong>. What the merchant account does is act as the interface between your merchant account and your customers bank account. […]

What is a Terminated Merchant File?

A terminated merchant file is a blacklist created by acquiring banks like Solid Trust Pay to protect themselves from merchants who have caused problems in the past. The merchants whose names are in this list would have had their merchant accounts terminated for cause. These files are also referred to as MATCH (Member Alert to […]

Alternative Merchant Providers

If you are planning to open a new business and intend to accept credit card payments, you would first have to open a merchant account with a merchant bank like Solid Trust pay. But there is the chance of your application to open an account being turned down for the reason that you are a […]

A Guide To Hidden Merchant Account Fees

Are you planning on opening a merchant account? You may not be aware of all the costs and fees that merchant banks charge from you. Though there are some operational costs that have to be charged by any merchant bank like Solid Trust Pay, you will be surprised to find that the fee structure that […]

What Are High Risk Merchant Accounts?

Certain merchant accounts are categorized as high risk merchant accounts by merchant bank service providers like Solid Trust Pay depending on the business type the merchant is involved in. Many merchant account service providers rate certain business types as posing a higher risk level to the bank. Businesses that fall in to this category include […]