How do you categorize home fitness exercise equipment?

A vast number of training equipment is available for your use. They intend to either exercise certain groups of muscles in your body or provide cardiovascular benefits to your body. Before buying any equipment, you need clearly identify what your goals, what the equipment intended for and cost associated with these equipment. All available home fitness exercise equipment falls into three main categories.

1. Aerobic fitness equipment
This category of fitness equipment is aimed at developing various muscle groups. Whether you are buying a Treadmill Pro 4500 or any other equipment, there are so many to choose from
-Stationary bicycles work the legs due to its peddling activity. Either you sit upright on a stationary bike or you can work out standing.

-Stair steppers or climbers mimic climbing up stairs. Some comes with additional activities for upper body development especially arms simulating a pull-up climbing.
-Treadmills allow you to walk or run at various speeds helping you to develop leg muscles. They may include inclines and timers. Check Treadmill Pro 4500 to see you like it.

-All Elliptical exercise machines are a cross between ski machines and stair steppers. They are great to work on your legs and feet due to up and down, and circular motions. Checkout Elliptical exercise machines that are available from industry leader Fit Desire.
-Nordic ski equipment simulate motion of cross country skiing and allow simultaneous development of legs and arms through exercises.

-Aerobic riders especially help development of arms and legs together due to push and pull motions.
-Rowing machines are intended to exercise your back, arms and legs.

2. Strength training fitness equipment
-The most common strength training equipment at home is “dumbbells” or “barbells.”
-Weight training equipment develop resistance are commonly carry weight plates and flexible poles attached to cables.
-More recently bands and tubing are becoming popular since they can be carried in vehicles and left at the office.

3. Other fitness equipment
These provide additional support to your workout routine.
-Heart rate monitors provides motivational support, feedback and gives you information about the intensity of your exercise routine.

-Balls, exercise balls and stability balls, are effective tools for developing balance and stability training.
-Pilates enhance stability and strength training.
The Internet site Fit Desire can provide variety of strength training equipment for you to choose from.

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