How Can You Find Discount Car Tires?

Here’s an important rule of thumb – you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to wind up with discount car tires. Instead, you just have to shop wisely.
What does that mean?
The next time you need a new set of tires, follow these 2 tips:

1. Go online
When you buy a shiny set of tires at an equally-shiny showroom, you’re going to wind up spending an arm and a leg for them. But did you know that you could get the same set of tires – at a much lower price – just by doing your shopping on the world wide web?
That’s right!
The web is chock full of deals that you won’t find in the “real world”. In fact, you get can SUV tires online for amazing deals that you’d never get in a traditional showroom.
When you shop in a showroom, the dealer has certain overhead he’s got to account for – like the rent on the building and the salaries of all the people you see working there. But when you’re dealing with a company that sells SUV tires online, they don’t have all of those expenses. They don’t need a big, fancy showroom, because they’re not dealing with customers face-to-face. And, they don’t need a ton of full-time employees. Since their overhead costs are so much lower, they can afford to charge you less.

2. Look for smaller brands
There’s a big difference between a no-name brand and a manufacturer that isn’t in the top-tier of household names.
After all, do you know what it takes to become a household name? Advertising, and lots of it. Unfortunately, all of that advertising is expensive – which means customers like you wind up paying more for tires in the end!
Many times, the “smaller guys” will offer discount car tires that are just as safe and reliable as the “bigger guys”. And, in an effort to try and stay competitive, many of those smaller brands have started coming out with more variety – like various treads and specific weather capabilities – so you can end up with tires that meet your exact needs.
Who are some of these manufacturers?
Sumitomo is one of them. If you can find Sumitomo tires for sale, you’ll likely find the craftsmanship you’re looking for, at the price you want. Not all retailers have Sumitomo tires for sale, so you may have to do some searching – but it’s worth it!
Another is Uniroyal. Uniroyal tire dealers offer a ton of variety at a price you can afford. In fact, when you shop with Uniroyal tire dealers, you’ll think you’re shopping with some of the much bigger brands!

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