Heavy Equipment Parts – Two Manufacturers You Can Count On

When it comes time to buy heavy equipment parts, you can rest easy if yours are manufactured by these two companies.

If you plan on taking on any kind of construction project, the manufacturer behind your heavy equipment parts is vital. Pick the wrong one, and your finished product will never be quite right!
Luckily, you can rest easy if you deal with these two:

1. Daewoo excavator parts
If your only experience with Daewoo is in one of their cars, you’re really missing out! Today, Daewoo’s heavy equipment makes up its own separate company (instead of operating underneath the giant Daewoo umbrella that existed for decades). Even though Daewoo is not the giant corporation that it was a few years ago, it still plays a major role in the economic development of Korea.
Because they have such a huge impact on their home country, >Daewoo excavator parts are built to last. After all, if they weren’t, they couldn’t be such an investment tool!
So, what can you expect from Daewoo heavy equipment?
The same high-quality that made them a world leader in their early years. Daewoo excavator parts started off strictly as a Korean tool in the late 1960’s. However, they were so popular that word of their durability and reliability quickly spread – and it didn’t take long for them to show up on construction sites all over the world!
Even when other portions of the Daewoo brand completely disappeared, the demand for Daewoo excavator parts was so strong that they were turned into their own separate company by the Korean government. Today, thanks to the same devotion to quality that was introduced to the world all those years ago, the company is healthier and just as popular as ever!

2. Doosan excavator parts
Even though they’re not named after a car, Doosan excavator parts have made a name for themselves all over the world! In fact, Doosan has been manufacturing excavator equipment since the dawn of the heavy equipment industry. This company has been hard at work for more than a century – watching pieces of equipment come and go. The trends may have changed, but Doosan’s commitment to the industry has never wavered.
Doosan excavator parts began with “traditional” items – like forklifts and other machine tools. Today, they continue to improve on the equipment that made them one of the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturers in the world.
However, they also make sure to keep one eye pointed towards the future. As a result, Doosan’s excavator experts also work on ways to perfect power generation methods and even renewable energy tools. It’s that spirit – that never-rest-on-their-laurels approach – that has kept Doosan in business all this time!

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