Going to the Breck for the Summer

Though some are proclaiming the end of the holiday season, the hot eighth month of the year is actually the peak season. So, now is the time to consider going for some Breckenridge vacation rentals. When the hot weather hits, the first thing people think of doing is heading for the coasts as soon as it’s humanly possible. But those who put a little more thought into the issue of how they’ll spend their summer days — before blindly following every primordial instinct that surfaces — will consider the opportunities that skipping the coast and heading for the country’s center, for a change, can open up.

These are usually the same folks that know that it’s never too early to start looking for deals on vacation rentals in Breckenridge, Colorado. Here, at this centrally located vacation spot, one will find bike trails whose vistas fill the soul, of even the most hardened of mountain biking enthusiasts, with utter wonderment. Such is the sublime beauty to be found throughout. Frommer’s Colorado officially states that in the area there’s more than forty miles of ever so helpfully paved bikeways — that means it’s possible to pedal your way from Breckenridge all the way to the town of Frisco. Distance to travel: 9.5 miles, approximately.

But whether you’re looking to find new routes for you and your bike, or some unusual flowers to add to your growing collection, say, in the style of hometown hero, Erwin Carter, something to keep you well-rested after your diurnal outdoor forays will be necessary: a place to rest your bones for the night. The area receives many visitors each year and Colorado condo rentals are consequently in high demand. Still, look early and you’re bound to find a condo at a price that sits comfortably within your holiday budget.

Among all the things to do in an alpine setting when the snowpack is heading down the rivers en masse, no one could entirely forget about one of the greatest and most exiting pleasures of Colorado vacations: whitewater rafting. When traveling family-style, with a large brood of little ones in tow, the Lakota River is always ready to provide an extraordinary escapade for the young ones. Of course, if the sturdy tikes prefer a slightly drier activity, there’s always a fantastic hiking trail that’s only a hop and a skip away.

Sam Walters is a writer living in Los Angeles. Her writing appears in print and online.

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