Finding a Tax Attorney in Los Angeles — 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’ve gotten into trouble with the IRS or you’re trying to avoid trouble in the first place, you need a great tax attorney. But with all of the choices in and around Southern California, how do you find the best tax attorney in Los Angeles?

Simple — just don’t make any of these mistakes!

1. Being impressed with a jack-of-all-trades

Think you must have really found a great guy because he professes to be an expert California tax lawyer, a divorce lawyer, and a medical malpractice lawyer? Think again!

Law is an incredibly specialized field. Being a tax attorney lawyer means keeping up with important developments, understanding complex tax laws and regulations, and knowing the ins and outs of how the IRS operates. It’s not something that just any ol’ lawyer can do!

Bottom line — if your potential tax attorney in Los Angeles claims that he can handle a variety of specialties, find another one. After all, where do you think the phrase, “jack of all trades, master of none” came from?!

2. Looking for style instead of substance

Lots of sub-par lawyers will try to impress you with flash and sizzle, even though they don’t have the solid qualifications to back it up — but this is especially true in a glitzy city like Los Angeles. In order to find the very best tax attorney in Los Angeles, you’re going to have to dig below the style and make sure there’s really substance there, too.
For example, your potential tax attorney lawyer might have a really fancy office right in the middle of downtown — but if he doesn’t have the right education and experience, he’s of no value to you. Remember, you’re going up against the IRS! You need a true expert fighting for you!

3. Not checking out the website

A great way to tell if your potential Southern California tax lawyer is worth his salt is to check out his website. The good tax lawyers will have plenty of information on there that you can read for free — that shows you how knowledgeable they are. A good tax attorney lawyer will have a number of pages that explain complex tax rules and regulations in terms that you can understand.

In addition to checking out his knowledge, by seeing how your potential tax attorney explains everything on his website, you can get a feel for how he’s going to explain things to you when you’re working together. If he can’t “come down to your level”, so to speak, it’s going to make your working relationship very difficult!

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