Acrylic vs. glass; which one is better for your display?

Whether you are displaying your precious collection of autographed baseball memorabilia or bagels for sale, an acrylic display case can definitely enhance the display. Given many different varieties and sizes, you need to pick up the right display case for the intended use. Here are some helpful points to ease your pain in choosing one.

Glass vs. acrylic display
Acrylic display cases are very light in weight compared to similar cases made of glass. So it is easier to move around or mount on a wall. Acrylic is shatter proof and durable. If you intend to display heavy, round objects such as baseballs or baseball bats, acrylic may be a better choice than glass displays.This is more important if you have cats or other pets at your home.

One disadvantage with acrylic is it is not scratch proof. While it may not break, it is easy to gouge and its lust may fade away over time. Glass on the other hand is a very durable material and its luster would not wear off over time. Glass shows more vulnerability to effects of suns UV rays if not treated and treated glass is more expensive than an acrylic display case. So, the cost of the display is a consideration when choosing a glass or acrylic display especially for store fixtures. Visit the vast available selection at

Size of your display
What you plan to store inside will determine the size of the display. Acrylic displays come in many different sizes compared to any other medium of display units. Acrylic therefore, becomes the choice for smaller display such as coins, action figures, or dolls and larger displays can handle objects over six feet in height. Bigger display cases may need to be made of thicker acrylic and therefore, cost more. But still they will be sturdier than glass displays and cheaper than glass displays.

Shape of the display
When it comes to the shape, acrylic has more advantages over glass store fixtures. Acrylic can be cut into any shape which is not a quality that glass can provide. Your individual preference as well as available space will influence the shape of your display. Round things such as baseball memorabilia may suit a round display that enhances its quality.

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