A Good Tax Lawyer in San Jose — 4 Things He Can Do for You

When you work with a good tax lawyer in San Jose, you can take advantage of far more than just basic tax advice. In fact, the good ones can do these 4 things for you:

1. Help you create a new business

If you want your new enterprise to get started on the right foot, a good tax lawyer in San Jose can help you do it. That way, you’ll understand exactly what kind of tax responsibilities you have at the local, state, and federal levels. By getting some expert help right in the beginning, you lessen your chances of getting into hot water later — and needing a tax lawyer to get you out of trouble!

2. Team up with you to fight the IRS

Whether you’re fallen behind on your taxes, made a mistake on the documents, or missed a big deadline, a good tax lawyer in San Jose can help. While he may not be able to guarantee that you’ll get off scot-free, a good IRS audit attorney can use his expertise and connections to try and negotiate a lesser penalty.
And, by hiring an IRS audit attorney as soon as you realize you’re in trouble, it’s easier to keep yourself out of further trouble!

3. Represent you in a probate case

Tax issues can pop up in the most unlikely of places — like in the aftermath of a loved one’s death. Whether your loved one died without a will or someone’s contesting the will, a good tax lawyer can also act as a California probate attorney.

By hiring your tax lawyer to work as your California probate attorney, you don’t have to worry about searching for a separate lawyer during such a stressful time. And, as an added benefit, your attorney can work with you from start to finish. Once you receive the assets you’re entitled to, your lawyer can put his “tax” hat back on and make sure you’re fully complying with all of your tax responsibilities.

4. Handle your final arrangements

You may not know it, but tax attorneys can also make great will lawyers! When you think about it, it makes perfect sense — your will is designed to make things easier on your loved ones after you’re gone. By having someone with tax expertise to handle your will, you can rest easy knowing that your family won’t have a tax nightmare on their hands after you die.

And, by taking advantage of will lawyers that double as your tax lawyers, you’ll know that your attorney will be well-versed on your financial situation, so that you wind up with the most comprehensive will possible.

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