4 Things Your Tax Lawyer Should Do for You

When you hire a tax lawyer, you should be able to count on him for a variety of things. If your IRS lawyer can’t do these 4 things for you, you’ve got the wrong one!

1. Provide you with preventative advice

In many cases, hiring a tax lawyer can keep you out of tax trouble in the first place! Whether you’re starting a business, getting divorced, or cashing in your nest egg, it might be wise to sit down and talk to an IRS lawyer before you actually do it. That way, you can avoid any surprises — and any nasty letters from the IRS — later!

2. Help you with federal and local issues

Let’s face it — here in California, we pay a lot of taxes! Aside from dragging down your wallet, all of those taxes can present a logistical nightmare. For example, you might have your federal taxes all taken care of, but the state or city taxes are causing you a major headache.

Instead of dealing with that headache all by yourself, a good tax lawyer in San Francisco can help. He can help you get everything organized and explain all of the laws and regulations to you in a way that’s easy to understand.

3. Negotiate on your behalf

Sometimes, just picking the brain of an expert tax lawyer in San Francisco isn’t enough. In some cases, things have gone downhill — and you need legal help FAST.

Unfortunately, some situations are just too far gone by the time a tax lawyer gets involved. No matter how well-versed he is, your only hope may be to try and negotiate lesser penalties.

If that’s the situation you’re in, you need the best tax settlement attorney possible. After all, your lawyer is your last hope. Even if he can’t get you off the hook entirely, a good IRS lawyer will have the knowledge and, quite possibly, the professional connections to help you get a less serious penalty.

If you try to negotiate things yourself, you could wind up making an even bigger mess of things. Instead, you need a tax settlement attorney who understands the ins and outs of how the IRS — and all of the laws that go along with them — work.

4. Help you with other situations

Because he’s so well-versed on tax laws, an IRS lawyer can also help you with other major events in your life — like going through a probate case or writing your will. That way, you can rest easy knowing that you and your heirs won’t have any tax problems along the way.

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