4 Things to Look for in a Merchant Services Provider

If you want your business to succeed, you’ve got to be able to accept credit card payments. However, you can’t just settle for any ol’ merchant services provider. Instead, you need a provider that can:

1. Provide you with very the best equipment
The average merchant services provider will give you free equipment. However, that doesn’t mean it’s OK to give you equipment that’s not very good. After all, if your equipment is always breaking down, you can’t accept credit card payments — and that’s going to affect your bottom line a whole lot more than saving some money on processing equipment!

2. Offer a variety of equipment
In today’s day and age, just having a credit card machine next to your cash register isn’t good enough. People expect to be able to pay for things on the go — which is why you need a wireless credit card terminal.
With one, you can take credit cards at customers’ doors or at your street fair booth. As long as you’ve got a signal, you can use a wireless credit card terminal anywhere!
As an added benefit, these wireless terminals are tiny. They’ll do everything you need them to — like swipe cards and print out receipts — but they’re small enough to fit right in your pocket.

3. Give you freebies
A good merchant services provider understands that you don’t want to spend a ton of money in order to make money. That’s why they’ll give you freebies — like a free internet merchant account. That way, you can get your website up and running without spending a fortune.
Bottom line — if you need a bunch of services, a good provider will throw some of them in for free.

4. An easy way to work online
Speaking of the internet, if you want to make as much money as possible, accepting online payments is an absolute must!
However, that free internet merchant account doesn’t do you any good if it’s a turn-off for customers. You need to make sure that you’ve got the very best security when it comes to accepting online payments. After all, if customers don’t feel comfortable entering in their credit card information, they’ll never buy anything from you!
Luckily, a good merchant services provider will offer you state-of-the-art fraud monitoring and encryption services. Plus, they’ll offer 24/7 technical support so that you online empire is always up and running.

The team at Total Merchant Services offers you just that — everything you need to accept your customers’ payments! Visit them today at www.total-merchant-services.com.

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