4 Things to Expect from Your Tax Relief Attorney

If you’ve got the right tax relief attorney, you can take advantage of these 4 things.

Let’s face it — the only thing standing in between you and the IRS is the hard work of your tax relief attorney. So, what should you expect from the lawyer you hire?

1. A proven track record of success
Want a quick way to see if your tax lawyer in San Jose is worth his salt? See if he has offices anywhere else — like in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego. After all, if he’s bringing in enough money to support several different offices (and pay several sets of office staff), he must be doing something right!

2. Offices that run like well-oiled machines
All of those other offices are great — as long as they don’t get in the way of your case. A San Jose tax attorney will be able to focus on his Los Angeles clients, without letting the San Jose problems get in the way. The key is to make sure he’s organized enough (and has a staff that’s good enough) to balance everything the right way. So, before you agree to work with him, have a heart-to-heart conversation and see how much attention you can REALLY expect.

3. An impressive background
A good tax lawyer in San Jose will have a long list of tax-related accomplishments. He’ll have started with an undergraduate degree in something relevant — like business or accounting. Then, he’ll have a law degree from a prestigious school. He won’t stop there, though. He’ll follow it up with something “extra” — like a CPA degree or an MBA.
Why is all of that so important?
So that you can get more than someone who just spouts off case law! Instead, you’ll get someone who understands business, accounting, and the tax ins and outs from a variety of angles. The average tax relief attorney can’t see things from all of those angles — meaning he may miss something that’s important to your case!

4. Help when you really need it
In addition to giving you tax relief, your San Jose tax attorney can help you during another very difficult time — right after the loss of a loved one. In fact, tax lawyers make great probate lawyers, because probate law deals with so many tax details.
And, by having a tax relief attorney on hand that can handle your probate case, you won’t have to worry about weeding through an endless list of probate lawyers when you’re already under more stress than you can imagine!

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