4 Things a Good Swimming Pool Supply Store Will Offer

Your swimming pool supply store is only as good as the products it offers. If the store you always shop at doesn’t offer you these 4 things, it’s time to find a new one!

1. Quality skimmer baskets

Want to have a beautiful pool that doesn’t have a trace of dirt or debris in it? You can’t have it without great skimmer baskets!
Your pool came equipped with a skimmer basket, but between the pool water, the outside heat, and all of the other elements out on your deck, it won’t last forever.

Luckily, new skimmer baskets are easy to install. All you have to do is slide one into the little cutout on the side of your pool. And, remember, if you want to make your skimmer basket last longer, be sure to clean it out on a regular basis.

The right skimmer baskets can also save your more expensive pool equipment. By trapping floating debris, they can prevent leaves and bugs from getting inside your filter and pump system — something that could wind up turning into a major expense!

2. A variety of cartridge pool filters

Buying a new filter can be a tedious process. That’s because cartridge pool filters aren’t one-size-fits-all. You’ll need to double-check your specific dimensions and design specifications to make the right choice.

Luckily, when you shop at the right swimming pool supply store, buying the right filter becomes much easier! That’s because quality supply stores have a variety of filters on hand. And, they’ll have an expert team that can answer your questions and make sure you make the proper purchase.

3. Automatic pool cleaner parts

Why spend your time scrubbing the bottom of your pool, when you can get a machine to do it for you?! Automatic pool cleaners are kind of like a vacuum cleaner for your pool. They travel around the bottom, sucking up dirt and other debris that’s making your pool look less-than-perfect. There are tons of automatic pool cleaners on the market, and a good swimming pool supply store will have a wide variety to choose from.

But just like a vacuum cleaner, automatic pool cleaners have tons of small parts that can break. Instead of having to buy an entire new machine, a good swimming pool supply store will have tons of automatic pool cleaner parts on hand, so that you can buy what you need and make the repairs yourself.

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