4 Questions for Your California Tax Attorney

Whether you’re in tax trouble now or you’re trying to prevent yourself from getting into trouble, the IRS is the last group of people you want to make mad. That’s why you can’t hire just any ol’ tax attorney lawyer.

So, how do you know if your California tax attorney makes the grade?
See what kind of answers you get to these 4 questions:

1. “What kind of background do you have?”

Your tax attorney lawyer should have credentials that will help you make the most out your finances — not just a law degree. For example, having an undergraduate degree in something like Business or Accounting can be a great asset, in addition to your attorney’s legal expertise. That way, he won’t just be able to explain what the laws mean; he’ll also be able to explain how to alter your business or your personal finances to follow them.

2. “How many offices do you have?”

If you find a tax attorney in Los Angeles that’s really successful, odds are that he has other offices around the state. In fact, he might also be a successful tax lawyer in San Jose, San Francisco, or San Diego. However, it’s crucial that your attorney doesn’t let all of that success get in the way of your case.

How would that happen?

If your tax attorney in Los Angeles is always tending to issues in his San Jose office — when he should be working on your case — that’s a problem. The key is to make sure that your tax attorney lawyer has an expert staff (and enough organization) to make sure that all of his responsibilities don’t interfere with each other.

3. “Can you help me before I get into tax trouble?”
A good tax lawyer in San Jose will be happy to work with you before anything goes wrong. Whether it involves being on retainer to answer questions whenever you need it, or going over all of your tax documents before you file them, a smart tax lawyer will be able to give you tons of help to prevent any red flags from going up.

4. “Can you help me start my business?”

Planning on finally starting that business? A good California tax attorney won’t just be well-versed in federal tax laws and regulations. He’ll also be an expert on state and local tax issues as well. After all, when you start up a business in California, there are a lot of tax ramifications to think about! Luckily, though, a good tax lawyer will be able to help you cut through all of the red tape and start a business that won’t be in trouble with the IRS!

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