4 Questions for Your California Tax Attorney

Before you hire any California tax attorney, be sure to ask him these 4 questions.

The California tax attorney you hire can make or break your financial future. So, before you agree to let anyone represent you, you’ve got to get these 4 questions answered:

1. “What can you do to keep me out of trouble?”
As talented as your IRS audit attorney may be at negotiating, he’s of a whole lot more value to you if he can keep you out of the IRS’ crosshairs in the first place! After all, your life will be a whole lot simpler if you never have to worry about the IRS at all — instead of trying to clean up a mess for them.
Bottom line — if your potential California tax attorney doesn’t have a concrete plan for keeping you in full compliance with every federal, state, and local tax law out there, he’s not the right attorney for you!

2. “What do you know about state tax issues?”
Speaking of state and local tax laws, there are a ton of them here in the Golden State. A good tax lawyer in Fairfield will be just as knowledgeable about the county-wide tax ordinances as he is about the federal tax law change that just went into effect. If he’s not, he’s not someone you should be working with!
After all, you can wind up in all kinds of trouble for missing your local tax payments, too. The state of California may not evoke as much fear in you as the IRS does, but they can levy some harsh penalties against you!

3. “What will you do if I get audited?”
If it’s too late for you to be in “prevention” mode — and you’ve got to be in “clean up” mode — you need an IRS audit attorney that knows his stuff. Ideally, your attorney should have tons of experience dealing with the IRS and handling situations just like yours. That way, not only will he be able to negotiate the best possible outcome for you, but he’ll also be able to guide you through the process.
Remember, even a tiny mistake during an audit can lead to major consequences. You don’t have the luxury of hiring an attorney who’s anything less than a legitimate expert!

4. “How many offices do you have?”
Having a bunch of offices isn’t a bad thing — as long as your attorney can handle all of them properly. The problem arises when your tax lawyer in Fairfield is so busy dealing with issues in the Los Angeles office that he doesn’t have time for you.
That’s why it’s so important to find out how your tax attorney balances everything — before you sign on the dotted line.

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