3 Ways to Use Internet Radio to Spice up Your Next Party

Looking for a cheap, easy way to make your next party unforgettable? Look no further than internet radio! You can use it to add some pizzazz to your event in 3 different ways:

1. Blast top 40 hits, and encourage everyone to dance

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party for your teenage daughter, hosting an afternoon barbecue for your friends, or are planning on having the girls over for happy hour, free internet radio can provide the perfect dance soundtrack! That’s because it offers hundreds of top 40 stations, so you can sing along with your favorite pop stars and try to have as much “street cred” as your favorite rappers.

And, since all of the feeds from internet radio websites are streamed through your computer, instead of over the air through an antenna, you’ll never have to worry about any kind of interference getting in between you and the dance floor.

2. Add Jazz music to your theme party

The smooth, melodic sounds of Jazz music can liven up a variety of events – whether you’re hosting a 1940’s theme party or a Mardi Gras party. And, because good internet radio websites have so many different Jazz stations to choose from, you’ll never be at a loss for great tunes.

If you want to narrow down your search even more, try looking for Jazz music stations by location. The good streaming radio websites will make it easy for you to pick a particular city – like New Orleans, for example – and then list all of the Jazz music stations there. That way, you’ll have the most authentic music possible!

3. Crank up the talk radio to get your friends pumped up

Whether you’re hosting a tailgate party before the big game or hosting a rally for your favorite political candidate, the right talk radio station can provide the perfect entertainment.

For example, maybe you and all of your college buddies had to miss seeing the big game in person this year – but still threw a big barbecue so that you could watch it on TV together. By finding a talk radio station that covers your team, you can blast the pre and postgame radio shows. That way, you’ll know all about that last-minute injury and get all of the postgame analysis after your big win.

Or, if it’s election night and you’ve been putting up fliers for your favorite candidate for months, you can count on a streaming talk radio station to have up-to-the-minute results and analysis while the votes are counted.

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