3 Ways to Help You Get Your NYS Workers Compensation Settlement

No matter how sick or injured you are because of a mishap at work, a NYS workers’ compensation settlement is never guaranteed. You never know what a lawyer or a judge is going to do – on either side. If you want to increase your odds of getting a fair settlement, you need to focus on these 3 things:

1. Having the right attorney

Some New York workers’ compensation attorneys treat every case the same.

Unfortunately, all NYS workers’ compensation cases are not one-size-fits-all. You need a New York workers’ compensation lawyer who will focus on the merits of your specific case. Otherwise, he could miss something very important!

Part of having the right attorney also means finding a New York workers’ compensation lawyer who has plenty of experience. The more of a “been there done that” attitude your lawyer can bring to the table, the better it is for you. By having a lawyer who has seen and handled it all, you increase your odds of getting a NYS workers’ compensation settlement.

2. Proving your damages

Part of what goes into any workers’ compensation settlement is the damages you have suffered. For example, are you able to work now that you’re sick or injured? Even if you can work, can you work a full shift like you did before? How has your life changed as a result of your illness or injury? The answers to all of these questions will determine how much money you get in a NYS workers’ compensation settlement.

While you can rely on a good lawyer to make the argument, you’ll have to keep track of things, too. After all, even the best New York workers’ compensation attorneys don’t know to argue something if you don’t tell them. So, be sure to make a list of all the ways your life has been affected, so that your lawyer can present the most comprehensive case on your behalf!

3. Staying strong

No company wants to pay out a workers’ compensation settlement. So, be prepared for a tough fight. Your company may try to argue that your illness was really caused by mold in your apartment complex – or that your injury was really a result of your passion for waterskiing, not the wet floor that you slipped and fell on.

No matter what the other side throws at you, you’ll need to be strong. While your New York workers’ compensation lawyer can fend off silly arguments and dirty tricks, it will be up to you to remain composed during the duration of your case. Remember, the other side will be counting on you to crumble and give up before they have to pay out any money!

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