3 Things You Can Expect from Good Internet Merchant Accounts

Processing credit cards online should come with these 3 benefits.

If you want to succeed in the 21st century business world, you’ve got to make processing credit cards online a priority. To do it successfully, you’ve got to be on the lookout for an internet merchant account that’s worth its weight in gold.
How do you know if you’ve found it?
Just look for these three things:

1. Fast turnaround times
Whether it’s applying for an account in the first place, approving a transaction, or transferring money from a customer’s account into yours, good credit card processing services work quickly. After all, you and your customers don’t have the luxury of sitting around and waiting!
That’s why most good internet merchant accounts can be up and running in one business day. After that, once your customers enter their credit card information into your payment gateway, they’ll be notified in a matter of seconds whether or not their payment went through. Then, the money will be taken out of their account and transferred into yours within 72 hours.
If your online credit card processing services can’t work this quickly, you’ve got the wrong ones!

2. Dynamite customer service
If you think that processing credit cards online has to be a cold, “un-human” experience, think again. Representatives from good internet merchant accounts will be standing by, ready to answer your every question, whenever you need them!
That great customer service also extends to technical problems. After all, processing credit cards online successfully depends on equipment that’s up and running properly. If yours runs into trouble, you’re (literally!) out of business until you get the problem fixed. Good credit card processing services know this – which is why they’ll be there 24/7 to help you.
And, they’ll be available by more than just live chat. If you need immediate help, you’ll have access to a toll-free phone number, where a real, live person will answer.

3. State-of-the-art security
All of the convenience and properly-working equipment in the world does you no good if your customers don’t actually feel safe punching in their credit card information on your website!
That’s why a good payment gateway will do everything possible to eliminate their fears – including installing a military-grade 128 bit SSL encryption. That way, even if a sophisticated hacker manages to break into your system, he won’t be able to make sense of any of the data. As a result, all of your customers’ sensitive financial information will be completely safe.
But good internet merchant accounts won’t stop there.
They’ll also offer active fraud monitoring services. That way, they can prevent problems from popping up in the first place!

Payment Solutions, Inc. makes processing credit cards online easy!

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