3 Things to Ask Your Real Estate Agent in Virginia

Hunting for Virginia homes does you no good if you don’t have the right realtor. The answers to these questions will make sure you do!

Thanks to its great weather and great business scene, more and more people are buying Virginia homes these days. If you’re one of them, you’ll need a great real estate agent to help you narrow down all of the choices and pick the perfect place.
So, how do you find a great real estate agent in Virginia?
Simple! Just ask your potentials these 3 questions:

1. “What do you know about Henrico County homes?”
Since Henrico County is so big (and includes Virginia’s capital, Richmond), a good real estate agent in Virginia will know all about the market there. Specifically, a good agent will be able to tell you all about the great deals that have been lurking in Henrico County homes ever since the housing bubble burst.
Like what?
Henrico County homes have been hit hard by foreclosures. While that may not be good news for homeowners here, it’s good news for people who are looking to buy here. In fact, it means that there are plenty of Henrico County homes that are for sale at prices that are way below market value.

2. “What does the market look like now?”
The best real estate agent in Virginia will be honest with you. She’ll tell you that Virginia was hit hard by the recession (hey, what state wasn’t?!) — but that things are starting to improve. Virginia homes may not be worth as much as they were back in the mid-2000’s, but they’re gradually getting better.
Bottom line — a good realtor won’t paint a completely-rosy picture. However, they will tell you all about the good things that are happening here.

3. “What do you want to know about me?”
The right answer to this question is “a lot!” After all, how can a good real estate agent point you towards Virginia homes that suit your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle, if she doesn’t know anything about them?! That’s why the first thing she’ll do is sit down and listen to what you and your family want in terms of price, space, and amenities.
A top-notch real estate agent in Virginia will look at your time together as a partnership. She’ll want to know all about you — and what you’re looking for — so that she can give you the very best experience possible.
After all, there is a near-endless array of Virginia homes to choose from! Whether you’re looking for something trendy and urban or quiet and suburban, Virginia’s got it!

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