The Benefits for Owners of Chesterfield County Homes

Houses in Richmond, VA are surrounded by beautiful land with a rich history and promising future. With a population of more than 318,000 people, Chesterfield county homes popularity may be credited to “the excellent programs and services it provides, as well as the overall quality of life.” ( Chesterfield county has much to offer young families, with a great variety of educational and recreational opportunities.

Prospective residents may find a wealth of information at the county’s website about the county’s vision, “To Be The Recognized Leader In Government, the standard by which others measure their progress and success. Every employee has a personal devotion to excellence in public service and embraces the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Every resident takes pride in knowing that the county provides the finest quality of life available in any American community.”

Virginia is a state rich in History, and Richmond, VA can claim the birthplace of Pocahontas, the second successful English settlement, which is re-created at Henricus Historical Park, and St. John’s Church, where Patrick Henry gave his “Give me liberty or give me death” speech ( In current times, Chesterfield County homes enjoy a real estate tax rate of $0.95 per assessed value of $100. ( Real estate taxes are levied on a calendar year basis and are collected on June 5th and December 5th of each year ( The median home sales price in Richmond, VA has risen 20%, to $168,000 (

According to, people with houses in Richmond, VA enjoy economic strengths that include: “above-average per capita income, low business costs and high housing affordability compared with high-cost Washington DC., and greater than expected success in attracting firms to the area.” Even with recent Federal budget cuts, the economic outlook has improved in 2013. ( In fact, Richmond was voted by Forbes one of the 10 best cities for finding employment right now, and is a promising location for new and expanding businesses.

Chesterfield residents with school-age children have recently seen the recent completion of a $78 million building and renovation program in the county. The average annual expenditure per pupil is near the state average as is the county’s millage rate for taxes. “Chesterfield County School District is in the midst of great and exciting educational progress. The district is at the forefront of innovation and restructuring initiatives taking place in the educational community today.” (

Chesterfield County’s parks provide 8,700 acres of green space, trails, and wooded areas, and the county is rich with rivers and lakes. Cities in chesterfield offer exciting opportunities for young and old. The Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation Department organizes classes, trips, special events, and programs for residents both young and old.
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