3 Reasons Why You Need a Tax Attorney in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has so many cool things to see and do, so if you live here, finding the right tax attorney in Los Angeles is probably the last thing on your mind! However, working with a qualified IRS tax lawyer can keep you out of hot water and can keep more money in your pocket.
If any of these situations apply to you, it’s time to find a top-notch tax attorney in Los Angeles:

1. You’ve got a back tax problem

Back taxes can quickly snowball out of control, so the best way to handle them is with the help of a qualified tax attorney. Even if you don’t think you owe that much, you could be facing huge fines or even jail time! Instead of running to an attorney after things get rough, find an IRS tax lawyer that will work hard to prevent anything bad from happening.

2. You’ve got money stored in offshore accounts

You may think that using a foreign bank or having interest in a foreign mutual fund is not the business of the IRS. They, unfortunately, see things differently. Thanks to the IRS offshore voluntary disclosure program, you are required to fill out a special form if you have more than $10,000 stored in any kind of foreign bank account, at any point in time during the calendar year.

However, lots of people don’t understand the IRS offshore voluntary disclosure program – and, as a result, they unknowingly violate it. Luckily, a qualified tax attorney in Los Angeles will have all of the answers to your questions and will even be able to provide some advice that you never would have thought of! But since this program has so many twists and turns to it, a good IRS tax lawyer is really the only person that can break them all down for you.

3. You’re starting a business

Trying to become Los Angeles’ newest successful entrepreneur? Congratulations! While you may know all of the ins and outs of your industry, you probably don’t know about all of the tax ramifications that come into play when you start a business. Luckily, a tax attorney in Los Angeles can guide you through the process and prevent you from accidentally landing in any kind of hot water.

You don’t always have to be in trouble before you contact a tax attorney. In fact, lots of people turn to one right from the very beginning, in order to prevent problems from ever showing up!

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