3 Health Issues That Need a 1-2 Punch

As advanced as modern medicine is, there isn’t always a “one stop” approach to every health problem. For some issues — like these 3 — your doctor may decide to attack the problem from a variety of angles:

1. High cholesterol

It’s one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. — which is why doctors are so serious about lowering cholesterol. There are tons of prescription drugs on the market that are designed to help. However, there are other products that can provide a little extra support.
For example, Heart Savior is a supplement that’s made with Co-Q10 — an ingredient that has been proven to help reduce inflammation in the arteries and stop dangerous plaque from building up. Used all by itself, Heart Savior may not be able to cure your cholesterol problem, but your doctor might have you use it for some added support.

2. Enlarged prostate

Millions of men suffer from prostate-related problems. Some of them wind up with serious health problems, while others only suffer from minor inconveniences. Either way, though, an enlarged prostate needs to be taken care of sooner rather than later.

In addition to your prescription, you should ask your doctor if there are any natural supplements that might boost your prostate health. In fact, that’s why things like Antiiva were created! Antiiva is an all-natural product that can be used as part of your doctor’s plans.

Your doctor may also turn to holistic supplements. In fact, Ayurstate is an herbal supplement that was derived from Ayurieda — a form of alternative medicine that focuses on plant-based treatments. Ayurstate has been used for years in India, so your doctor may decide to bring a taste of the Middle East to your treatment!

3. Excess inflammation

If the inside of your body is inflamed, it can lead to all kinds of problems — from chronic pain, to scar tissue, to a weakened immune system. All of these are complex health issues that can’t necessarily be solved with one pill. Unfortunately, though, the longer they linger inside of your body, the worse you are going to feel.

Because inflammation can’t be solved by waving a magic wand, your doctor may try to fight the problem on a variety of fronts. For example, a supplement like Zymessence may help get rid of the inflammation that’s building up. And, because it’s all-natural, Zymessence won’t cause any harsh side effects.

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