What Can Artificial Grass Do for You?

Artificial grass comes with 3 benefits that you can’t get from the real stuff.

If you don’t think the benefits of artificial grass are worth making the switch, think again. By giving up your traditional lawn for an artificial lawn, you can take advantage of 3 perks that you couldn’t have otherwise.
Like what?
By installing fake turf you can:

1. Save money
Take a look at your last water bill… How many of those pricey gallons went towards watering your yard?
Every time your yard gets thirsty, you have to use hundreds of gallons of water to quench its thirst. By the end of the month, you’ve used up thousands of gallons!
But when you have a yard full of fake turf, it never gets thirsty. In fact, no matter how bad the drought gets, your artificial grass will never turn brown and crunchy. You’ll never have to pour a single drop on it! Think of all the money you’ll save on your water bills!
But that’s not all…
How much money do you spend on that professional lawn service? Every time they come cut, trim, and fertilize your yard, it’s money out of your pocket. But if you had an artificial lawn, you wouldn’t have to spend any of it. No matter what, your artificial grass will always look as green and lush as the day you install it!

2. Save time
Maybe you don’t have the professional lawn service. Maybe you’ve tightened the purse strings by doing all of the yard work yourself. However, do you really enjoy getting up early on Saturday mornings to cut the grass? Do you have fun running out to buy more gas for the lawnmower and more fertilizer?
Wouldn’t you rather spend that time ENJOYING your yard?
If you had an artificial turf lawn, you could!

3. Save your joints
Think about the last time you twisted your ankle or fell down in a rowdy game of touch football with your kids. Chances are clumsiness wasn’t to blame! Instead, you probably tripped and fell over the teeny-tiny peaks and valleys in your natural grass. You may not notice them, but if you look closely, they’re there.
An artificial turf lawn, on the other hand, is made in a factory. As a result, it’s completely smooth. So, you won’t have to worry about those peaks and valleys getting in the way — meaning you won’t have anything to trip over, no matter how intense your flag football game gets! On fake turf, your ankles and knees will be a whole lot safer.

The team at Artificial Turf Supply can help you take advantage of all these benefits — and so much more!

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