Three things to consider before hiring a maid or house cleaning service

Maid services such as California maid services and house cleaning services are providing valuable services to busy home owners. Many of us ignore some basic facts before hiring a service and here are three things that need your attention.

Am I looking for a maid service or house cleaning service?
Many use maid service such as maid service San Fernando Valley and house cleaning service interchangeably. But there is a subtle difference between a maid service and a house cleaning service. If your expectation of a maid service is to include your laundry, ironing, stocking your pantry with goods from the grocery store, and looking after your children while you are out, you definitely looking for a maid service.

But if you are looking for service to professionally clean your bathrooms, kitchen, windows, bedrooms and other areas of your home, you are looking for a house cleaning service such as California house cleaning service. You need to decide what you are exactly looking for before you dial that number. Of course there is an overlap of certain services. If you need to get your oven cleaned, house cleaning service will do it at your request or some may include that as part of their service.

What are my responsibilities?
You need to provide access to your cleaning service to your home. Leave a key at a certain place as agreed. Some services accept keys to your home and keep it with them until you cancel service. This arrangement comes handy for those who forget things more often. Traditionally, a check for the services is left at an agreed place like kitchen counter. The method of payment for services such as California maid services should be pre-arranged and it is your responsibility to honor the agreement.

Some services will attend to cleaning even if you forgot to leave a check and bill you for the service. Leave a note if you want the house cleaning service to pay attention to something. Most of us leave notes when we want the service to do things. But if you were happy the way they cleaned your home last time, leave a note specifically mentioning that and thanking them for their service. This could go long way in establishing a good relationship with your service.

How do I know they are reliable?
This is a legitimate concern for many home owners. You need to address this before you hire a service. You need to look into insurance, bonding, cleaning crew, their training, and recommendations before hiring a service.
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