Supplies You’ll Need for Your Ice Cream Shop

Almost everyone loves ice cream. But who wants to eat a scoop of ice cream from a plain white cup when you could have it served in a bright pink cup with a fancy logo and an equally bright spoon?

If you own an ice cream parlor, it’s important to stock up on essential ice cream shop supplies. The right supplies will make or break your business. Here’s a list of the vital supplies you will need to run a successful ice cream parlor.

Ice cream serving cups: You think you’ve seen the ice cream serving cup, but they are not all made of white paper. To set your business apart from the rest, consider stocking up on unconventional ice cream serving cups. These days, business owners are investing in unique, custom printed cups featuring their company logo and colors.

If your run an eco-conscious business, try investing in eco-friendly cups made of earth-friendly paper. It’s an easy way to create a healthy environment for your business while promoting your beliefs. If you’re tired of paper cups, why not switch to plastic? Purchase stylish plastic diamond cups available in bright hues such as red, green, and blue. The diamond cups are ideal for gelato, ice cream, and frozen yogurt.

Ice cream spoons: You will need ice cream serving spoons as well as ice cream tasting spoons. When it comes to serving spoons, there are several options, ranging from various weights to different shapes, and even different materials. You will want to match your gelato spoons with the cups you have purchased. For example, choose heavy-duty spoons for frozen yogurt and sundaes, or earth-friendly spoons to match your earth-friendly cups.

You can also choose from colored plastic spoons, transparent colors, and plain white spoons.

To-go containers: While most customers will want to dine inside of your adorable ice cream shop, a large number of them will want ice-cream to go. For this reason, you will need to invest in quality to-go containers. Most distributers offer paper and foam to-go containers.

Regardless of which material you choose, be just as creative with these supplies and skip the plain white versions. Instead, opt for custom printed to-go containers featuring the same logo and colors as your in-store gelato products.

In addition to the products mentioned above, you will also want to stock up your store with pan liners, cone holders, spatulas, and cutlery products. To see these products and more, please visit

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