How to Replace Old Patio Furniture Cushions

Patio furniture made of wood, metal, or wicker isn’t very comfortable; unless of course it is outfitted with comfortable, deep-seat cushions. There’s no doubt that cozy, soft cushions are designed to soften hard foundations such as patio chairs as well as bring style to any living area. But even the best-quality seat cushions can get worn-out overtime, especially when they are exposed to harsh outdoor elements such as sun, wind and rain.

If your patio furniture is no longer comfortable, it might be time for new custom foam cushions. Custom foam cushions are not only more affordable than brand-new cushions, but they can be inserted into original covers, saving more additional time and money. Here’s how to replace your old patio furniture cushions with new outdoor-ready foam that is super comfortable.

Prepare your tools. To start your do-it-yourself foam replacement project, you will need the proper tools to get the job done right. Assemble the following tools: a carving knife or electric knife, a dark marker, such as a permanent marker, a ruler, a tape measure, and glue. It’s important to follow all safety rules, and use safety glasses while working on this project.

Measure your foam. Before you can purchase your foam, you will need to measure it. You can do this my measuring the original foam cushion. According to The Foam Factory, you should, “measure the greatest length and width, seam-to-seam across the center of the flattened cover.”
Next, you will have to remove the inserts for new measurements, or the fit of your cushions. In order to accomplish this task, measure every side along its seam. It’s important to note these are not complete measuring instructions. Check with your foam manufacturer for a complete list of instructions on how to measure your foam. Getting the right measurements will save you time and money.
Buy dryfast foam. There are many different types of foam on the market, ranging from foam designed for mattresses to packaging foam. When it comes to buying foam for your outdoor patio furniture, only dryfast foam will do.

Manufactured specifically for outdoor use, dryfast foam is ideal for patio furniture because it dries quickly and comes with an anti-microbial feature that stops the growth of bacteria as well as mold and mildew. This outdoor-ready foam is further protected when it is placed within outdoor-safe covers that are made to withstand sun and moisture. To learn more about how to replace patio furniture cushions or to order dry fast foam, please visit

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