How to Find a DUI Attorney in Southern Illinois

Going through a drunk driving charge without an experienced drunk driving attorney on your side can be devastating. However, an experienced DUI attorney can provide you with legal information you need while representing your best interests in court. The right attorney in your area will be your personal advocate and will ensure that you meet all of the deadlines associated with a DUI arrest. They can also analyze all the evidence to determine whether it is valid, and whether your DUI is even valid.

If you’re scheduled to appear in court for a drunk driving charge in Southern Illinois, it’s important to contact an attorney immediately. Here’s how to find the right Illinois criminal defense attorney who handles DUI cases.

Search for an experienced DUI attorney. When it comes to DUI cases, experience goes a long way. Don’t trust just any criminal defense attorney to handle your case. Find an experienced DUI attorney in Southern Illinois who has a proven track record in handling DUI cases in your area. How many years has he been in business? In addition to his years of experience in the field, find out how many of his cases have been successful.

Research the fees. Before you select just any attorney, find out about his or her fees up front. Select an attorney within your budget. It’s easy to find an affordable DUI attorney as long as you don’t settle for the first attorney who comes your way.

Take advantage of the free consultation appointment. In addition to offering affordable fees, make sure that the attorney you select provides a free consultation. Take advantage of this time to ask any questions that you might have, and discuss your concerns. You can also take advantage of the free consultation appointment by meeting with several different attorneys before making your final decision.

Trust your instincts. While meeting with the attorney, take notes on whether you feel comfortable in their presence. Do they give you the time and respect to share your thoughts and concerns? Are they passionate about your case? Or do you they seem rushed and annoyed? Finally, make sure that they are in fact an attorney and not a junior associate.

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