Wicker Furniture – Why You Should Have It in Your Home

Whether you live in a warm, tropical climate, or you deal with snow for most of the year, wicker furniture is a great addition to any home. After all, how many other types of furniture can give you a light, airy feel? In fact, when you have a house full of wicker furniture, you will be hard-pressed not to feel like you’re on vacation all the time!

But aside from having a tropical vibe, what are some of the other benefits of owning wicker furniture?

Check out these 3 reasons why you should have it in your home:

1.It is easy to move around

Whether you’re moving to a new house, you want to rearrange your furniture, or you want to position all of your chairs and couches in front of the TV for your Super Bowl party, wicker furniture makes it easy to do. Unlike oak or wooden furniture that takes major effort to move, wicker chairs, wall units, and even sofas can just slide around on your floor or be picked up by one person.

2.It can be used outside

In most cases, you have to pick one type of furniture to use inside and another type to use outside. But when you have wicker furniture, you can carry your décor onto your patio!

The key, though, is to find wicker resin furniture.

Designed to look just like the traditional stuff, wicker resin furniture combines wicker with a resin material, so that your furniture will be able to hold its own against the elements. Whether you deal with lots of rain, tons of bright sunlight, or a bunch of snow, your wicker resin furniture will always look good!

And, as an added benefit, wicker resin furniture can be manufactured in practically any color, so it’s easy to fit wicker chairs or even barstools into any outdoor décor!

3.It matches rattan

Rattan and wicker furniture may look slightly different, but they’re actually made out of the same vine-like material. Wicker is just woven a different way. But since they’re so similar, you can have both rattan and wicker furniture in your home and not have to worry about anything clashing.

So, if you find a rattan dining set that really catches your eye, feel free to go ahead and buy it.If you’ve got a wicker wall unit that’s going to sit next to it, your rattan dining set will look just fine!

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