Silver vs. Gold Coins – Weighing the Pros and Cons of Each

Forget real estate, stocks, and bonds. If you want to build a solid investment portfolio, the best way to do it is by investing in precious metals. Remember, they’ll never lose their value like that home, plot of land, set of stocks, or group of bonds will! Precious metals can actually gain value when the global economy takes a nosedive, so they’re always assured to provide you with the security you’re looking for.

Since gold and silver are the most common precious metal to collect, if you’re going to start a collection, you’re going to have to either pick gold or silver. After all, it’s not like you can find platinum coins floating around!
But how do you pick between silver and gold coins?
By weighing the pros and cons:

– Silver will cost less

If you’re collecting coins on a budget, you’re much better off dealing with silver. That way, you can get a bigger collection for the same price. If you eventually want to move into collecting gold coins, you’re going to have to find some good deals on silver that you can turn around and make a profit off of.

– Gold bullion coins will generate fewer potential buyers, but they’ll give you a higher payout
Since gold bullion coins are pricier than their silver counterparts, you’re going to wind up with a smaller pool of buyers if you deal with gold. After all, virtually all coin collectors can afford to add a silver piece to their collection – but for many of them, gold coins may simply be beyond their budget.

The upside to dealing with gold bullion coins? Once you do find a qualified buyer, you’re going to get much more money for gold than you would silver. As long as you’ve got the market for it, gold bullion coins can be very profitable!

– A Silver Dollar with a good history can be even more valuable than gold coins

As valuable as gold coins can be, they can oftentimes be overshadowed by a quality Silver Dollar. Remember, each Silver Dollar has a story behind it. Some – like the Morgan Dollars – were minted on a limited basis to boost America’s silver market. Others – like the Susan B.

Anthony Silver Dollar – were minted to commemorate a major historical event. By building a Silver Dollar collection, you can market to more than just coin collectors; you can also make money off of history buffs!

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