Rattan and Wicker Furniture – What Kind of Options Do You Have

If you haven’t take advantage of the benefits of rattan and wicker furniture, you are really missing out! Both types of furniture offer a number of different perks, including:

– They’re lightweight, so they are easy to move around

– Both wicker and rattan come in “natural” colors, so they are easy to incorporate into any décor

– They are common in the islands and other warm-weather places, so they can give your home an instant tropical feel

So, now that you know what rattan and wicker furniture can do for you, how do you go about incorporating them into your home?

Easy! Just follow these 3 tips:

1. Get a rattan sofa

Rattan is strong enough to hold its own against day-in and day-out sitting, napping, video game-playing, and lounging. Plus, a rattan sofa will never go out of style – thanks, in large part, to the cushions it comes with. If you have a traditional sofa and you want to make it look a little more modern, you’re going to have to pay to re-upholster the entire thing. However, when you have a rattan sofa, all you need to do is buy some replacement cushions. Just like that, you’ve got a cheap and easy way to give your living room a makeover!

As an added benefit, a good rattan retailer won’t just have sofas for sale; you’ll also be able to get coffee tables, ottomans, chairs, and anything else you need to tie your room together.

2. Buy wicker bedroom furniture

Looking for furniture that can grow with your kids – as they go from babies, to toddlers, to teenagers? Wicker bedroom furniture is the perfect choice!

First and foremost, wicker will always be in style, so your bedroom set will never look “dated”. Plus, wicker bedroom furniture is sturdy enough to handle play dates, clandestine bed-jumping, and study time. Third, a good retailer will have complete wicker bedroom sets to choose from – so that you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching furniture.

3. Invest in wicker patio furniture sets

If you want that tropical feel to extend to your outdoor area, wicker patio furniture sets are a perfect way to do it! Wicker patio furniture sets are specially-treated with resin, so that they can withstand the heat, sunshine, rain, and snow that your patio experiences. In fact, wicker patio furniture sets are sturdy enough to last for years and years. Plus, they come in a variety of colors, so it’s easy to find a set that complements your décor.

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