Floating Bamboo Flooring – 7 Things You Need to Know about It

If you’re looking for a way to get great-looking floors that don’t cost a fortune to put down, take a look at floating bamboo flooring. It gives you the look you want without all of the expensive installation costs!

How does it work?

Instead of attaching to a piece of plywood on top of your concrete foundation with nails and staples like traditional bamboo flooring does, floating bamboo comes in specially-designed planks that snap together. The planks “float” because they do not attach to anything but themselves. And, instead of going over plywood, they go over a special underlayment.

If you think floating bamboo might be right for you, here’s what you need to know about it:

1. Unlike traditional bamboo wood floors, floating bamboo flooring is perfect for people who love do-it-yourself projects. After all, trying to nail or staple traditional bamboo flooring to plywood underneath is a lot of work, that takes a certain amount of expertise to do it right. However, by getting floating bamboo, all you have to do is snap everything together. If you can put together a jigsaw puzzle, you can do it!

2. You underlayment can serve two purposes at once.

First, it can keep moisture away from your concrete foundation – and avoid the mold and deterioration that goes along with it. Plus, depending on what it’s made of, it can give your floors a “cushioned” feel.

3.Floating bamboo flooring is perfect for going over floors that you don’t want to pull up – either because it’s too difficult, or you have several layers of flooring and you don’t want to mess with them all. Removing things like tile, vinyl, and laminate can be very time consuming. Plus, removing them is something that you probably can’t do on your own – meaning you are going to have to pay a professional to do it for you.

4.Floating bamboo flooring is great for people that don’t want to use messy, smelly adhesives and glues.Since these bamboo flooring panels just snap together, you don’t have to bring any toxic chemicals into your home!

5.If you have a radiant heating system underneath your floors, floating bamboo flooring is the best choice. That way, the underlayment gives your floors a “buffer” so that they aren’t directly exposed to any high temperatures.

6.Floating bamboo flooring is just as durable as traditional bamboo wood floors. In fact, you can count on your floating floors to last just as long as the traditional ones!

7. Floating bamboo floors are much more durable than bamboo laminate. Sure, it may be cheaper, but bamboo laminate is no different than traditional laminate; the only difference is that it’s designed to look like real bamboo. However, it can still fall victim to tears and rips. You won’t have that problem with a floating floor.

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