Few more reasons to get frameless glass pool fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing is an alternative to ugly wood and other fencing, provide and maintain unobstructed views, meet local safety standards and add to your property values.
Among many reasons to install frameless glass pool fences, few standouts more than others. Many jurisdictions require fencing and why not consider glass pool fencing? Any frameless glass balustrades even add more dramatic strength and security to your fence without compromising any existing views from your pool. Helpful people at www.dimension1glass.com.au can assist you with all your glass poll fence needs.
An alternative for ugly fencing
Unattractive fencing can affect your property value and could create a hazard for your children. Wood and aluminum fencing are being replaced by contemporary and stylish frameless glass pool fences lately. These free standing systems are replacing more traditional unattractive anchors that were driven to your concrete to hold wood and other panels. Due to low profile components use for installation of frameless glass pool fencing, they no longer are objectionable to many. More and more are resorting to appealing frameless glass pool fencing and it is becoming a more popular choice.
Still provide safety and security
These modern looking fences meet local pool fencing regulations and provide top class security that you need to protect your children, guests and your pets. They truly enhance your property value. As a matter of fact, they add to enhance your property value rather than lowering it. In order to meet various local jurisdictional requirements, frameless glass pool fencing comes in many toughened safety glasses including 12mm. It comes in curved panels to meet your needs without compromising the strength and quality.
Strength and durability
Strength and durability of a frameless glass pool fence is second to none. Design of the fence can be easily adaptable to individual needs without compromising the price, style and durability. The bottom side of the glass panel is held by metal anchors driven to concrete that provide strength and hold up to fierce wind and weather conditions. Glass panels are climb resistant.
Uninterrupted view and maximum light transmission
Any frameless glass balustrades can maintain the wonderful quality of glass and continues to provide unobstructed views you already have. They enhance the overall look of the pool and your garden. With no posts or rails to distract the view, frameless glass pool fencing is a must to protect views.
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