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How to overcome disadvantages of glass swimming pool fences and other glass fences

As with any fencing type, glass fencing is also subject to cost, maintenance, prone to scratching and could become an invisibility hazard. With simple steps it is easy to overcome these disadvantages. Guest Post is provided by Dimension 1 Glass. You can find outstanding glass swimming pool fences at Dimension 1 Glass. In addition to […]

Beautiful frameless glass pool fences are surprisingly durable too

Glass fencing comes in many thicknesses that provide durability while maintaining the beauty of it. Under any weather condition, glass fencing and hardware assembly provides protection needed around swimming pools and others. Guest Post is provided by Dimension 1 Glass. You can find outstanding semiframeless glass fencing at Dimension 1 Glass. Fencing around a swimming […]

Heated flooring is the best way to warm up your home

Waking up to warm floors under your feet is not a luxury enjoyed by the wealthy people anymore; you can have floor heating installed by EZ Floor Heat in your house without it costing you a fortune and save on your energy bills as well. Are you building a new house and trying to decide […]

How remodeling can add value to your house

Has your house been on the market for a long time? Doing a bathroom remodeling in Chicago as well as remodeling the kitchen will add value and make it easier to sell. Chicago Remodeling Solutions can guide you through the remodeling process. Are you planning to put your house on the market for sale? With […]

Why electric radiant floor heat is more efficient than conventional forced air?

We are always on the lookout for more economical ways of doing things because of the rising cost of living. When it comes to essential things like heating which is in use for a good part of the year, choosing the most economical system will keep you warm and comfortable without being too draining on […]

How you can convert an old house in to your dream home

You bought an old house because at the time you purchased it that was all you could afford. Through the years it has become your haven and now it is need of repairs and restoration. You will be amazed at how remodeling contractors in Chicago can transform your old home in to the dream home […]

What to consider when buying a portable air conditioners

Portable units may be the only option to cool a house and when choosing one pay attention to the mechanism, pricing and several other factors. When there is no whole house air conditioning or a practical way to attach a window unit, portable room air conditioner is the only option to cool your room. These […]

You can have a ceiling fan to suit every room and mood

You can use a ceiling fan not only to keep cool, but now with the wide array of ceiling fans available you can select a fan to create the ambience you want whether it is the tropical paradise you want to convert your living room in to or the old world country charm that you […]

Ceiling fans do more than keeping you cool

Having a ceiling fan working over you on a warm summer day can be quite a relief. The humble ceiling fan has come a long way and there are various types of >designer ceiling fans available in the market from modern contemporary designs to tropical ceiling fans which can create whatever feel and mood you […]

Working with a contractor on a Chicago home improvement project

Home remodeling becomes necessary in older homes or you are tired the way it looks. Whatever the reason, remodeling involves money, time, and sleepless nights. Regardless of the size of the project, you should pay attention to few things when you are hiring a trustworthy contractor like Chicago Remodeling Solutions. Here are two main aspects […]