3 Things to Expect from Your NY State Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you’re filing for New York state workers’ compensation benefits, you’ve already been through the pain and trauma of being injured or sick on the job. The last thing you need is a subpar attorney to make your suffering even worse by blowing your case!

So, how do you know if your NY state workers’ compensation attorney is a good one?

The good ones offer these 3 benefits:

1. Someone who keeps up with developments

It seems like the New York state workers’ compensation laws are constantly changing. When they’re not going through a full-blown makeover, they’re getting tweaked and updated. All of those changes affect the way you and your attorney will need to approach your case. However, if your NY state workers’ compensation attorney doesn’t keep a close eye on new developments, it could ruin your case!
When you first scout out potential attorneys, make sure they’re devoted to keeping up with new developments in their industry. Otherwise, your attorney’s lack of knowledge could cost you big bucks!

2. Someone with a proven track record

Constant changes aside, even the most basic New York state workers’ compensation case can easily turn into a grueling battle. After all, many workers’ compensation insurance companies don’t want to pay out money, so they’ll fight tooth and nail to avoid it. The last thing you need is a newbie fighting on your behalf!

But if you’re working with a good NY state workers’ compensation attorney, he’ll have “been there and done that” countless times before. He’ll know what to expect and how to prepare you for every twist and turn in the case.

3. Someone who can also help you later

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for workplace injuries and illnesses to turn into full-blown disabilities. Making things even worse, trying to claim your disability benefits can be even tougher than going through a workers’ compensation case! If you really can’t return to work, chances are you’ll need a Social Security disability attorney that can help you get the benefits you deserve.

Luckily, a good NY state workers’ compensation attorney will also often serve as a Social Security disability attorney! That way, you won’t have to spend your time going out and searching for another competent attorney. And, by having the same lawyer in both cases, you don’t need to waste time getting him up to speed on anything. Instead, he’ll simply be able to take over your case if your injury ever turns into a disability.

Lee Braunstein has spent more than two decades fighting for the rights of injured workers. See what he can do for you by logging onto www.leebraunstein.com.

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