3 Reasons to Purchase Artificial Grass for Your Home

Guest post is provided by CCGrass Landscapes, a worldwide artificial grass manufacturer. Visit their website to obtain information on where to buy artificial grass.
Artificial looks and feels great as a perfect substitute for natural grass. Are you tired keeping up with watering bills for your lawn? Are you too busy to mow the lawn every Saturday? Dog tearing up that corner spot by your fence? The simple solution is to install artificial grass. Online searches can tell you where to buy artificial grass that suits your needs the best. There are tons of options, and they are a great money saving solution. Here are some reasons why synthetic turf is a great alternative to natural grass:
1. You save thousands of dollars in upkeep: A residence can spend up to 40,000 a year on the installation and upkeep of a natural grass lawn. This includes watering, fertilizing, mowing and re-sodding that is necessary every 3 years to keep your lawn healthy. Imagine increased costs for watering a lawn located in hot climates. Most artificial grass uses materials treated to be fade resistant to the UV rays of the sun and is less likely to fade your lawn than they would your patio furniture. This requires less of a need for re-installation.
2. Artificial grass for the home is more pet friendly: If your dog is one to eat grass, the non-toxic makeup of fake lawns might be appealing to you. Even more appealing is how the infill allows pet urine to drain through. Without this draining capability, artificial grass would have a disgusting stale urine smell. The anti-microbial infill treatment reduces the amount of mold, mildew and bacteria that grows in your lawn, creating a healthier environment for the whole family. Brown spots from acidic pet urine are a thing of the past, and muddy patches from dead grass will be eliminated. Pets and kids are less likely to track mud into the house with artificial grass lawns
3. Artificial grass lawns can be safer for kids: Some people in hot areas use natural landscaping as an alternative because it requires little up-keep. But usually this involves using cactus, which can be potentially dangerous for children and pets. Would you want to let a young child or dog play in a yard full of cactus? The other alternative is to have a lush looking lawn without the costs of maintaining year round natural green grass. The soft fibers and cushioned infill absorb falls that children make while playing in their yard. The injury rate is significantly lowered when children play on playgrounds using artificial grass coverings.

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