3 Places to Put Wicker and Rattan Furniture

No matter where you live, it’s easy to give your home a more tropical feel. All you have to do is incorporate some wicker and rattan furniture into the mix!

If you can’t afford to replace all of your stuff with wicker and rattan furniture just yet, here are 3 places to get started:

1. Your patio

Where better to create a tropical vibe than outside on your patio? Just be warned – rattan can’t be used outside; only wicker can. That’s because outdoor wicker is actually resin wicker – meaning that it’s a mixture of pure wicker and resin. Adding resin helps protect the wicker from the elements. So, if you have resin wicker furniture, you can rest easy leaving it outside year-round, and knowing that it’s always going to look just as good as the day you bought it.

2. Your bedroom

Wicker furniture is the perfect indoor solution, too! Because it’s sturdy, it makes the perfect choice for your bed, dresser, and nightstands. By using wicker furniture as an indoor feature, you can also take advantage of the fact that it’s never going to go out of style. That way, you won’t have to replace your bedroom set every few years.

And don’t forget about rattan! While you may not be able to use it outside, rattan furniture provides just as great of a vibe indoors as wicker does. Typically, rattan furniture is sturdier than wicker, so it’s perfect for a room that has two people sleeping in it, or a dresser that two people are sharing.

Whether you opt for wicker or rattan furniture – or a combination of both – your bedroom will instantly be transformed into a relaxing, tropical oasis.

3. Your sunroom

The perfect sunroom furniture is light and airy – and that’ exactly what wicker and rattan furniture offer! By using wicker and rattan for your sunroom furniture, you can instantly have a relaxed, tropical vibe – and isn’t that how sunrooms are supposed to make you feel?

As an added benefit, wicker and rattan are both easy to move around. So, when part of your sunroom gets a little too sunny, it will be easy to slide your chair over, or tilt your sofa in a different direction, so that the sun isn’t shining right in your face.

As an added benefit, wicker and rattan furniture is just as comfortable as the traditional stuff. So, you can feel free to lounge with a book or kick back with a cup of coffee and be completely cozy!

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